Style Breakdown: Girls ‘Generation “I Got A Boy”

It’s been a long time since “The Boys“, but Girls’ Generation is finally back in Korea with “I Got A Boy“! The experimental song has certainly been polarizing- after it went up, my Twitter feed was a constant back and forth of people professing their love, hate, and confusion over this song. Equally polarizing is the fashion found in the video, which is more like the bright, off-beat style of f(x) than what we’re used to seeing from Girls’ Generation. I’m here to help you be the judge- just how does their new style stack up?

We’ll start with Dancing Machine Hyoyeon. “I Got A Boy” was choreographed by Nappy Tabs, the same husband and wife duo behind BoA‘s “Only One“, TVXQ‘s “Humanoid“, and SM the Performance‘s “Spectrum“, and I’m so excited that it’s finally Hyoyeon’s turn to work with them since she’s such a great fit for their style! Hyoyeon was pretty well-dressed throughout the video, but my favorite look has to be the ribcage harness she wore in some of the dance sequences. It’s a really cool and unique piece that not everyone could pull off.

Jessica‘s known for being an “ice princess“, and she’s kept up the princess image with her styling in this video, using glitzy hats and headbands in place of tiaras. My favorite outfit that she wears is the lace dress, denim shirt, and pink sweater combo for the scenes where she’s on a date. The tiny studs on the shoulders of the sweater are an interesting detail, and I love that the lace on her dress has an all-over skull pattern- the whole outfit is very girly with an edgy twist, which totally suits her.

Whoever did Seohyun‘s styling in this video needs to go sit in the corner and think about what they’ve done. She’s a lovely girl and these clothes do nothing for her!   Her best look was definitely her date look, which was cute, but everything else… it’s like she had to pick her wardrobe last and all the good outfits were taken. Poor thing. She does sound awesome in the song, though.

Sooyoung‘s style is, in my opinion, not all that interesting in this video. She’s a pretty sharp dresser most of the time (her love of Isabel Marant is legendary), and these looks feel kind of costumey- I don’t get any sense of Sooyoung’s style from them, unlike some of the other girls here. Her looks aren’t as bad as Seohyun’s (except for the acid wash denim jumpsuit… who made that decision?!), but they don’t stand out to me either. My favorite piece on her is the tasseled belt, which I thought was the most interesting piece she wore.

We finally know the reason for Sunny‘s ever-changing hair color! Her style in this video was pretty scattered, with no clear theme. I’m not a huge fan of any of her complete looks, but I do like her teal jacket on the far left of this image, and she’s someone with a big enough personality to pull off strange outfits. I wasn’t able to find her red shoes anywhere online, but I believe those are the same as the black ones, just in a different color.


Taeyeon looked as cute as ever in this video, but I especially liked her outfit with the cropped black top and denim jacket tied around her waist, which not only looks great on her, but really suits the choreography for this video. You’ll notice she also wears the Jeffrey Campbell shoes we saw on Sunny. I didn’t get pictures of the other girls in the Burberry Prosum coats, but if you saw the video then you know that everyone wore them, along with matching wigs. While the coats are pretty, the wigs were really strange, and I’m glad it was a short scene.

Tiffany‘s style in this video was a little take-it-or-leave-it, for me- not bad, but not particularly great, either. I do love this hair color on her, and I want that necklace with all the symbols on it that she’s wearing in the second picture- it’s so cute and unique! I have to ask, though- who decided to put those pink legwarmers on her arms?  Such a strange styling choice.


YoonA has this ability to outshine whatever she’s wearing, even if it’s kind of weird- for example, in her date scene, I was focused on how pretty she looked and barely noticed that her outfit made no sense!  I especially like all of her braids in this video. The matching white shoes that she and the rest of the group are wearing in the fourth picture are the same ones that B.A.P, Primary, Dynamic Duo, and Simon D are currently endorsing.

Like Hyoyeon, the style and choreography of this video really suited Yuri well, and I actually liked her looks the best out of everyone’s, especially the look with her blue crop top and skinny jeans. While many of the looks in this video have been criticized for looking too much like what f(x) would wear, I felt that Yuri’s outfits looked like things she would have picked out for herself. I also thought she had the best overall hairstyles in the group.



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