Top 10 Most Popular Artists Across The Globe

Fans across the globe voted for their favorite idols.

After running a survey back in December, CJ E&M ran another survey titled ‘The K-pop artist you like the most‘ from April 4th to the 21st. The survey listed 20 artists that released a song in 2013 and asked users to choose their favorite. In all, the survey received a total of 73,809 votes.
INFINITE-H ranked #1 overall on the survey with 41.4% of the overall vote, they were followed by Girls’ Generation with 17.3%, and in third was SHINee with 13.1%.
INFINITE-H topped the votes in Taiwan, Thailand, and China. Girls’ Generation had the most votes in Brazil and Mexico, while SHINee performed the best in Russia, Spain, and Italy.
The biggest participation came from Taiwan, who had the most votes overall. Surprisingly, Poland had the second highest number of votes, and the United States rounded out the top 3. Other countries such as Algeria and Tunisia had high participation in the survey, showing that K-pop continues to spread worldwide.

CJ E&M said, “It turned out that artists are popular in countries according to national trends, and whether or not the artist had promoted in their country. The data shows that having overseas concerts and international marketing helps with their popularity.

Source By : allkpop

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